Posted by: Catherine Weston | February 6, 2009

Student Life


George Whitefield College
George Whitefield College

To redress the balance, and so as not to rub it in that many of you are enduring the biggest snowfall in Britain for 18 years, this week’s photo is of George Whitefield College. We are registered as part-time students, which has a number of benefits:


  • We join a friendly Christian community which is international in its scope.  In addition to South Africans of all races, a number of students are here from other African nations. If we have any questions about South African culture, or African culture in general, we have many eager informants and lots of tips on where to go and what to see. We’ve already had a number of students over for a flat warming party!
  • We have the opportunity to dip into courses as we choose (we’ve signed up for Hebrew narrative, John’s gospel and Mission & Culture).
  • We are able to make use of a good library for our own reading and study projects.
  • We are able to use the internet without having to resort to the somewhat public local internet café.
  • We can get discounts on entry to many tourist attractions! We’ve already enjoyed the unique Cape flora in the Kirstenbosch botanical gardens – enhanced by sightings of colourful sunbirds and even a Cape Sugarbird with its magnificent long tail, sipping on nectar from the Sugarbush Protea.

For the past 10 days we have taken part in the pre-term summer school.  Richard has gamely tackled some advanced New Testament exegesis with the third years – although his Greek is far too rusty to keep up properly.  Nevertheless his classes have given insights that will help with sermon preparation! I have attended a few sessions on reading for research, thinking critically (in the academic sense) and writing.


Next week the pace changes.  There is a two day commencement camp when the whole college community (students, staff and families) can relax together before term proper starts.  Our timetable thereafter will be fairly gentle giving us plenty of time for personal reading, reflection and relaxation.


In our next post we’ll introduce you to the Big Five.



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