Posted by: Catherine Weston | March 25, 2009

Fanatical about Sport

This brief post comes to you a couple of days early because we will taking a short trip and thus will be out of internet contact on Friday.

My entry today is entirely dedicated to a major part of the culture here – a love of sport. If you thought the Australians were fanatical, you should meet South Africans. Maybe it’s to do with continuous sunshine and wide open spaces!

Richard, of course, is in his element. He found more than one golfing partner amongst the students within the first week of term – one of them being a former pro. A beach cricket team of theological students (out of a student body which include non South Africans and plenty of women) would have held their own in the Oxfordshire league Richard used to play for. It’s not just the guys either. There are a number of female students who are ardent supporters of cricket and rugby (soccer seems to be more of a male pastime). Rugby enthusiasts follow the Six Nations’ tournament from here – Ireland’s win of the grand slam was reported on SA national TV!

We celebrated this aspect of South African life on Saturday by joining a bunch of fellow students at Safari Park, Newlands to see the third day of the third Test against the Australians. It was quite something to be there and absorb the atmosphere of 15,678 fans in a stadium with the majestic backdrop of Table Mountain. We elected to become honorary South Africans for the day and supported the home team, who did rather well.

Richard in heaven ;-)

Richard in heaven 😉


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