Posted by: Catherine Weston | March 8, 2011

Come to a feast

Here’s an exercise you could try at home.  It was one we set participants at a recent workshop we ran.  It’s not as easy as it sounds – in fact it’s quite tricky to do.

Ever tried writing down a short summary of the gospel?  Christians from our tradition (and I’m assuming most of my readers fall into that category) will usually include words like ‘died in my place’ or ‘ took the penalty for my sin’.

But that’s not the exercise – or at least not quite.  You have to write a short summary of the gospel using the language of hospitality. Why? Because hospitality in the Bible is nothing to do with corporate entertaining or a nice dinner with friends.  No, biblical hospitality is about loving and welcoming strangers.  And it is God who first set the precedent by welcoming alienated sinners to his feast. It’s a theme that runs through the Bible, right from the promise of land to Abraham to the marriage supper of the Lamb described in Revelation.

Not everyone managed to do the exercise in the time, but the example below is a good start. How do you think it informs our ministry among international students?

“At great cost to himself Jesus welcomed hostile strangers who did not deserve to be part of his family and had nothing to give in return, and brought them to feast at his abundantly supplied table.”

Community meal in the street


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