Posted by: Catherine Weston | April 2, 2011

Shy Residents

Our latest residents have recently made an appearance.  They have probably been hiding here for some time but have only just emerged, somewhat unobtrusively, perhaps because of the extra light made available when we pruned the apple tree. They are a native species, quite rare in the wild now but still to be seen in certain meadows around Oxford. Yes, the snake’s head fritillary now adorns our garden this spring – all of two flowers and one of them partly eaten!

Sometimes international students are also hidden away from general view – in the library, the lab or gated residences – and we need to create conditions where we can meet them.  Free food is always a good idea!

You may have noticed we’ve changed the title of our blog to reflect what we want to use it for now – monthly musings about sharing life and hope with international students. In the next few months we hope to beef up some of the ‘about’ sections and eventually launch a proper website giving a bit more information about what we do and what we can offer.

Until then, think of us as we head to China on Monday to visit our son David and some dear friends who were once international students.

Fritillaria meleagris


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