Posted by: Catherine Weston | September 5, 2012

A summer to remember

Apparently we have just experienced the wettest summer in Britain for a century.  Slugs have eaten our potatoes and the butternut squash are currently barely the size of my thumb.

However, there have been some very positive things about this summer in Britain. Not least, for us, the chance to take life at a slower pace, to enjoy the garden produce (yes, the rhubarb and the beans have enjoyed all the rain) and catch up with family and friends.

So in this post I bring you a brief, pictorial survey of some summer highlights

Olympic fever hit our household along with most others, so we were thrilled to secure last minute tickets for athletics and had a great day out. Favourite moments from the opening ceremony include ‘the Queen’ parachuting into the stadium with James Bond and the Czech athletes’ appearance with wellington boots and umbrellas. (There’s a good subject for another post or two – the British sense of humour and attitude to weather.)

A green Olympic Park

We missed the Jubilee celebrations by being out of the country at the time (this wasn’t deliberate) but came across this horticultural tribute in St James Park, on a recent trip to London, to celebrate thirty years marriage. Three decades on we’re still glad and thankful to God about the choice we made!

Green crown in St James’ Park, central London

We visited Hill Top, author Beatrix Potter’s former home, which was only twenty minutes walk from the holiday cottage where we enjoyed a week with our sons. It turns out that that the house is a place of pilgrimage for the Japanese and wondered about the particular appeal of the Peter Rabbit books and merchandise in that part of the world.

Hill Top, Cumbria

Peter Rabbit?

If it’s been holiday time where you are, I hope you too have enjoyed some refreshment from the Lord and his good gifts.


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