International education is now a global phenomenon ensuring that bright, aspiring students are on the move everywhere. International students can now be found on campuses across the world including all of Europe, Scandinavia and countries of the former Soviet Union.

International students often come from parts of the world where the gospel of Jesus is hardly known. Among their number are some of the world’s future leaders in politics, business and education. When away from home such students are curious to find out about local culture, eager to make friends and open to new ideas. They are more willing to consider Christ than at any time in their lives. For churches in places where these students study this is a unique opportunity to change the world for Christ without leaving home.

Richard and CatherineRichard & Catherine Weston have been engaged in international student ministry (ISM) for 30 years. They began work in Cambridge, UK, where they took several initiatives to develop the work there. In 1990 they moved to Oxford where they helped several churches to initiate and develop their own ministries among international students alongside the city-wide developments where churches work together.

Richard then spent nearly 10 years as National Director of Friends International during which time ISM was developed in many new cities. In 2009 leadership of Friends International was passed to David Pepper so that the Westons could give their energies to some frontline ISM and to developing ISM in other countries. In that same year the European Leadership Forum asked Richard to lead a Forum Initiative to develop indigenous ISMs throughout Europe. Richard is also a member of the ISM Global Leadership Network of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelisation, ISM consultant for IFES Netherlands and for Friends International, Cape Town.

What they offer is their time to network with church, student ministry and mission agency leaders in a country:

  • to share the vision for ISM
  • to support and encourage local initiatives
  • to mentor local and national leaders of ISMs
  • to provide and/or direct people to suitable ministry resources
  • to provide advice and training.

If you would like take up this offer please let us know via ‘Comments’ below.




  1. A wonderful ministry there . I am greatly encouraged by their committment to the wider world for the cause of Christ .

  2. Hi Richard, How can we partner together for your advice and training? We are a church planting and evangelism-based organization in India. Pastor Jitendra.

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