Posted by: Catherine Weston | October 22, 2012

Garden Wildlife

Our local squirrel has been up to his tricks again.  He nips off short twigs of holly, with their ripening berries, and scatters them over the garden. Initially I was baffled as to how these branch tips – of uniform size and all containing berries – came to be lying on the grass.  But last autumn I finally observed the culprit as he sat on the tree stump with one of the twigs, nibbling off the berries one by one.

However it has been recent activity in our neighbouring garden to which I want to draw your attention. About a month ago we heard the sounds of hammering and sawing going on next door.  The new tenants had just moved in and we curiously peeped from an upstairs window to see what they were up to. There a young man was constructing what looked, initially at any rate, to be a large rabbit hutch.

Eventually our curiosity got the better of us and, introducing ourselves over the garden fence, we asked what they were making.  A polite young man with a shock of blond hair explained that he and his housemates (seven guys) were all second year students at our local university and they were building a bar to fit against the fence at the bottom of their garden.  They did a good job of it, paint and all.  They ran a long cable from the house to the bar so they could install a small fridge and a light.  Some informal seating appeared (mattresses) and the bar proved a popular attraction with their friends during fresher’s week.

Clearly some cake diplomacy was in order. I took round a home baked cake to their front door to welcome them to the street and asked if we could enter friendly negotiations over the bar closing time.  The same young man listened politely to my explanation that many bedroom windows from many homes (including those with young families and working people) overlooked their garden and that even the sound of normal conversation carries.

Since that encounter we haven’t had any late night noise.  Was it the cake?  Sadly, probably not. Other neighbours reckon there was a visit from the police and in any case the weather has since turned much colder and wetter.  At least everyone in our house is now able to get a good night’s sleep.

Back garden bar



  1. Couldn’t help to smile! Fantastic … you have some enterprising students as neighbours… 🙂 🙂 – glad you can get back to sleep though! 🙂

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